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​Training Works is an independent training company, registered with the ESFA, providing high quality vocational training solutions to the Adult & Child Care Sector
Training Works is an independent local training provider that works in partnership with local employers to provide young people and adults with high quality Apprenticeship opportunities.
Whether you are employed or seeking employment, just left school or adult, we can help provide you with the right Apprenticeship. 
What is an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised qualification that is valued by employers and gives you a great start to your career. There are three types of Apprenticeship qualification:
  • Level 2 Intermediate (equivalent to 5 GCSEs A-C)
  • Level 3 Advanced (equivalent to 2 A-Levels)
  • Level 4 Higher (foundation degree/degree equivalent)
The level you start at will depend on your skills and experience.
What does it involve & how long does it last?

Apprenticeships are structured, vocational programmes, lasting from a minimum of 12 months to four years. You learn and earn on the job.
All Apprenticeships include:
QCF (Qualification Credit Framework)
QCFs are work-related qualifications that help you develop the practical skills and knowledge needed in a specific job. QCFs are split into units and each unit is assessed through the observation of practical work and a portfolio of evidence.
Functional Skills are the essential skills required in everyday life and in the workplace.
These include:
  • Communication (literacy)
  • Information Technology
  • Application of numbers (numeracy)
Technical certificate
Technical certificates develop your skills and knowledge in a particular aspect of your job.
The duration of the Apprenticeship depends on your contracted hours and what level of Apprenticeship you are undertaking.

Level 2 Intermediate programme duration times are usually:
  • Employed for 30+ hours = 12 months
  • Employed less than 16 hours – you are not eligible for an Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships are usually 15-18 months in duration as there is more to cover.
If you start an Apprenticeship, you must commit to completing it.
Am I eligible?
Apprenticeships are open to most people aged 16 or over. There is no upper age limit and you can even take an Apprenticeship if you already have a job.
You are eligible for a government-funded Apprenticeship if:
  • You are not qualified to Level 4 or above*
  • You are not already studying part or full-time at college/school
  • You are living in England
  • You have not already undertaken a similar level Apprenticeship programme
* Level 4 and above qualifications include Higher National Certificates (HNC), Higher National Diplomas (HND), Certificates of Higher Education (CertHE), Diplomas of Higher Education (DipHE), Foundation Degrees and Degrees
Do I need GCSE’s for an Apprenticeship?
You do not need GCSEs for an Apprenticeship programme, although your predicted / awarded grades do indicate your suitability to an employer.
How will it help me?
Career progression is excellent for people who have completed an Apprenticeship. Over the course of their careers, those with an Apprenticeship earn, on average, £100,000 more than those without.*
The benefits of doing an Apprenticeship include:
  • Earning a salary from day one of starting your job. The salary you will receive will depend on your employer, however it will at least be in line with the National Minimum Wage. You’ll also be entitled to paid holidays just like any other employee
  • Real ‘on-the-job’ experience, which is valued by employers
  • A recognised qualification
  • A debt-free route on to the career ladder.
Getting qualified while on the job will also mean that you:
  • Work better and more effectively
  • May be considered for promotion at work
  • Could get better pay and job security
  • Experience new challenges
  • Gain skills and knowledge which can be used across a range of jobs and industries
  • Could go on to higher education, as some Apprenticeships attract UCAS points which are recognised by universities.
*Source: ‘A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Apprenticeships and Other Vocational Qualifications’, University of Sheffield, 2007
What’s expected of me?
Once you start your Apprenticeship, you should be committed to staying with your current employer and intend to finish your Apprenticeship programme. It's important that you complete the programme to receive your qualification
We recommend that you need to commit 1–2 hours a week for studying within working hours
You need to attend your booked appointments when our Trainer Assessor visits your employer’s premises
You should act upon any training targets that your Trainer Assessor may set you
You should regularly ask your employer for feedback on how you are doing in your job
How can Training Works Help?
We’re your source of information, advice and support, throughout your Apprenticeship journey.
Our experienced team will help you to:
  • Search and apply for vacancies
  • Update and improve your CV
  • Improve your interview techniques
  • Arrange all interviews on your behalf
  • Match you with the right vacancies
Training Works promotes Apprenticeships vacancies, so keep an eye on our website & Facebook page.  
Whilst on programme a member of the Training Works team will be nominated to be your main contact throughout your Apprenticeship experience.
What sort of Apprenticeships can I do with Training Works?
Here's a list of the types of programmes we can offer:
  • Business Administration
  • Customer service
  • Health & Social Care
  • ​Childcare
  • Team Leading
  • Management
What will I get paid?
The minimum wage for an Apprenticeship is £3.50 per hour, this is set by government. You will be paid at least the minimum wage, however we often find that employers do pay more than the minimum wage.
The apprentice minimum wage applies to all 16 to 18 year olds and to those aged 19 and over in the first year of their Apprenticeship. If you reach age 19 and have completed the first year of your Apprenticeship your employer must pay you at least the full national minimum wage rate for those aged 18 to 20.
If you are already 19 and have completed the first year of your Apprenticeship you must be paid at least the national minimum wage rate for your age.
I’ve already got a job, can I still do an Apprenticeship?
Yes. If your employer agrees, you can undertake an Apprenticeship where you work now. Your current contract and rate of pay shouldn’t change.
How can I apply?
Complete the registration form located in the main menu:
Post it to: Training Works, Unit 18, Enterprise Centre, 291-305 Lytham Rd, Blackpool FY4 1EW.