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Frequently Asked Questions
​​Training Works Apprenticeship Reforms Aide Memoire
​#1 Off-the-Job Training
(This Aide Memoire is for use by Training Works staff & employer partners)

The new Apprenticeship funding rules (May 2017) introduced the requirement of 20% off-the-job training for all new Apprenticeship starts.

​What is Off-the-Job Training?
Off-the-Job (OTJ) Training is defined as learning which is undertaken outside of the normal day-to-day working duties, but within contracted hours, and leads towards the achievement of an apprenticeship.

This can include training that is delivered at the apprentice’s normal place of work but must not be delivered as part of their normal working duties.

The OTJ training must be directly relevant to the Apprenticeship framework or standard and could include the following:
·         The teaching of theory e.g. lectures; role play; simulation exercises; on-line learning etc;
·         Practical training; shadowing; mentoring; industry visits and attendance at competitions;
·         Learning support and time spent writing assignments.

​It does not include:
·         English and maths, up to level 2;
·         Progress Reviews / on-programme assessments;
·         Induction – unless the induction includes an educational element i.e. skills, knowledge and behaviour relevant to the Apprenticeship;
·         Training outside the Apprentice’s paid working hours.

​How should OTJ Training be delivered?
·         Up to the employer and provider to decide an appropriate delivery model. May include regular day release, block release and special training days / workshops;
·         At least 20% of their time (some Apprentices may need more);
·         Off-the-Job Training cannot be delivered solely by distance learning.

​Measuring & Recordinig
·         Each Apprentice should have a commitment statement that outlines how 20% OTJ will be delivered;
·         Progress towards and the recording of OTJ Training will be evidenced & captured at Progress Reviews.

​More Information?
·         Call Training Works: 01253 478180, or email pam@training-works.co.uk
·         Further information is set out in the ESFA funding rules.